Haplogroup E-V22

Welcome! to this this site about Y-DNA haplogroup E-V22 (or E1b1b1a1b2). An Y-DNA haplogroup is a population who share a common male ancestor (“the patriarch”). All haplogroups of mankind are placed in a tree which you can find on Y-full or ISOGG.

The aim of the website is to reconstruct the life story of haplogroup E-V22. By sharing relevant information and connecting people we want to reveal this story.

So please be invited to contribute. May be you also have the E-V22 YDNA than it would be nice to deliver your STR or SNP information. See  the contact information.

This site is moderated by Wim Penninx (astronomer) and Léon Boer (has E-V22 and historian) both from the Netherlands.